Our Services

Some want to be everything to everyone. That’s not us. We advise and protect businesses — their people, their brands, and their creative works. Working closely with our clients, we learn where they’ve been and where they want to go. Then we get to work. And each time – every time – we strive to provide superior quality legal services in an open, transparent and forthright manner.

Business and Corporate Counsel

As a business owner, officer or manager, you need to focus on making your company competitive. Legal issues are a distraction, but you can’t afford to ignore them. Ironmark works as your virtual in-house counsel, advising you on the steps you can take to minimize legal risk and keep your company running smoothly.

Most legal issues that companies face involve everyday compliance. Are all of your key business documents and licenses in order? Have you properly protected your trademarks and copyrights? Do your contracts really say what you want them to say? What steps do you need to take when expanding your operations — to another state or another country? Ironmark works with you to survey the competitive landscape, spot obstacles you might otherwise have missed and chart a clear path to success.

Of course issues sometimes come up that are out of your control. A competitor could violate your trademark or copyrights. You might be faced with a random audit from a regulatory agency. Or an employee could raise issues that you have to address in just the right way. Whatever it is, Ironmark is just a phone call or email away. Our legal team will quickly analyze the situation and present you with options. Our goal is to resolve disputes in a reasonable way that protects your interests and allows you to get back to running your business as quickly as possible.

  • Entity Formation and Organization
  • Contracts
  • Labor and Employment
  • Mergers and Acquisitions
  • Cross Border Transactions
  • General Counsel Services
  • Annual Audits and Maintenance aka Good Governance
  • Nonprofit Formation and application for Tax Exempt Status

Intellectual Property

Trademark, Copyright and Trade Secrets

The Creative Catch-22: Your work needs exposure, but once out there it is vulnerable. Will someone imitate you or try to cash in on your original ideas? Will someone sue you over a technicality you couldn’t possibly anticipate?

Ironmark believes that creatives should not have to think like lawyers. That’s our job. We take the time to learn about your work and form a clear picture of your needs and concerns. Education is the cornerstone of our practice. We’ll start with an inventory of your intellectual property assets and general liabilities. Then we’ll present you with options, so you can assess costs and benefits, and decide on the strategy that’s right for you.

A large part of our legal services involve filing, documenting and protecting your trademarks, copyrights and associated rights of publicity. In addition, Ironmark helps creative businesses level the playing field when negotiating with larger, more experienced entities such as agencies, galleries and studios. Generally, the goal is to reach a fair resolution for all parties. When necessary, we will litigate to vigorously represent your interests.

  • Auditing, Evaluation and Clearance
  • Trademark and Copyright Prosecution
  • Monitoring and Enforcement
  • Litigation
  • Licensing
  • Due Diligence
  • IP Portfolio Management
  • Strategic IP Counseling

Of Counsel — For Counsel

Intellectual property law is complex and specialized. Ironmark stands ready to assist in-house counsel and law firms who do not maintain internal IP capabilities. Ironmark has the experience needed to handle all of your trademark, copyright and trade secret matters. We can function as part of your team, creating a seamless experience for your clients, or operate as an outside advisor who can handle all aspects of the client relationship.

Firms in the U.S. and internationally appreciate our depth of knowledge and experience. We have prepared and prosecuted hundreds of trademark applications with the U.S. Trademark Office as well as with the World Intellectual Property Organization. We have successfully engaged in numerous Opposition and Cancellation proceedings before the Trademark Trial and Appeals Board, negotiated Consent Agreements and Licensing Agreements, and have successfully litigated trademark and copyright actions in Federal District Court.

Of course, firms in other countries need a domestic partner when acting on U.S.-based legal matters. Choosing Ironmark enables them to take advantage of our extensive international experience and network. Our location in the Pacific Northwest positions us to work effectively with law firms on the Pacific Rim, in Europe and in Canada. In every case, Ironmark’s goal is to provide world-class expertise, exceptional value and a level of personalized service that is rarely encountered today in major market law firms.